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This was originally a post on my blog but has enough lasting value to be it’s own page.

Here is a loose library of sites, books, courses, people, and companies I’ve found to be extraordinarily helpful, inspiring, and worthwhile for freelance web design. This is only meant to be a starting point for you, not an authoritative, complete font of knowledge. I tried to avoid posting redundant links; for instance there are literally dozens of articles from A List Apart I reference often but I trust you can find the ones that suit you best on their site. I anticipate this to be updated frequently, so I hope you bookmark this or check back often. Enjoy these freelance web design resources!


This random guy from Sweden found my site, read this page, and wanted to contribute his own work.  I checked him out and not only was he legitimate, but the information is spot on and clear.  Thank you, @robertmening for giving my site a perusal and thanks for adding to the collection!

Here’s some of Robert’s articles, which are excellent for first time would be clients.

We don’t agree 100%, but this is excellent information and I admire the initiative of a guy half way around the world finding me to talk shop, so I thought that merited a mention!

UPDATE:  There’s a link below but a special shout out to Flywheel wheel, whom I proud to recommend for any and all WordPress hosting needs.  As I write more about maintenance, repair and overhaul plans as part of a smart web design strategy,  the need for a partner like Flywheel is even more pronounced.  If you are launching a WordPress site, do yourself a favor and pony up to Flywheel.

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