Free WordPress Plugin: AlphaIndex

Have you ever wanted to list all of your posts by the first relevant letter of the post’s title? What about a custom post type, like maybe your staff profiles? How about a free WordPress Plugin that does it for you automagically?

I had to make a simple plugin for a client project and it solved this exact problem. It’s one .php file, it works, and only requires basic developer skills to configure.

  1. download
  2. change show_ui from false to true if you want to see it work in the WordPress Dashboard
  3. change $slug from ‘post’ to whatever the name of the post type you want to use, like ‘projects’ or ‘people’.

That’s it! It’ll create the taxonomy for your use automagically, and then when you need it you’ll use it the same as you would for any taxonomy, in queries (via tax_query(array( ‘taxonomy’ => ‘alpha’)) ), or in wp_dropdown_categories( array(‘taxonomy’ => ‘alpha’)).

Free WordPress Plugin

get it here: Alpha Index