Thinking Mobile

Mobile State of Nature

The only statistic that matters: 100% of your people are on the mobile web.  A billion more people will come online in the next five years and smart phones as a technology will get down to 10 dollars.

The mobile web is nasty, brutish, and slow, to paraphrase Hobbes.

This makes designing for the web very simple: it either works on low powered devices with small screens on bad connections or it doesn’t.  If we take that as an operative given, the implications are that:

  • Content priority matters more than ever
  • It better be damn enjoyable to read that content
  • Part of that enjoyment is that the perceived experience of the site is fast.

Simply put. If you focus on getting the right content done the right way for your audience, and present that in the right context for them reliably fast, you win.

And if you don’t you’re losing trust and money.


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