Check this out: Storytelling and E-Commerce

Great article over at BlueSpark Labs blog about what truly rules the day with e-commerce, and a fine comment at the bottom from yours truly.

Link: Content or Commerce?




“Isn’t the Internet saturated with content?” you might ask.

Yep. The Internet is flooded with new content every day. Anyone can publish content on the Internet—and millions of people do it every day.

There’s only one thing to do about this concern: Ignore it.

Seriously. Ignore it. There is always a market for great content.

Most of the content published on the Internet is poorly written, poorly thought through, and just plain bad. You’re not going to create that kind of content. You’re going to create amazing, well-written content that rises above the chaff.

You are going to inspire and excite people with your content.

My Comment

Great article.  Working with clients myself, I’m evangelizing the idea that people think – and buy – in stories constantly, and this gets to the heart of the problem. To be really effective with an online store (aside from building the thing itself with care) the brand aspects have to be on point.  A company needs to know their customer better than they know themselves, find stories to tell the customer in ways that resonate (content in all of it’s many and varied forms), and the store becomes successful as a result. The better the stories, the better the sales. The best part about a website is you’re not limited to text or audio or video or animation or illustration – they are all at your disposal.

Your example of the suit salesman in person is pretty similar to a technique I’ve used to persuade clients.  I’ll have them imagine the last luke warm or cold call they went on, what went right and what went wrong and ask them what they would do differently. They always say something about personalizing their approach to this person, at which point I kindly point out that they don’t have to make that mistake online anymore.

I’ll be sending this around to my friends to help them out. Thanks for posting great stuff!


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