Too much content

My gut reaction is that there’s just too much shit on sites that doesn’t matter.

Sites are over engineered, over designed, over written, over weight.

And although there are some compelling “minimalist” sites (which frequently require just as much heavy lifting just out of sight), that’s not what I’m talking about either.  One can be too minimalist, just as one can be too Modern or any other style.  And! Some minimalist sites push minimalism as an agenda too far, good information architecture be damned.   (a worthy critique of the site you’re on, by the way)

But then there are a sweet spot of fantastic visual design, excellent copy, and suitable development.

One example that I had ZERO to do with is Columbia College Chicago’s site.

In addition to simply looking great, there’s a little PHP to handle online forms, and that’s it. It’s just HTML, JS, and CSS (from the looks of it, it’s Foundation 5 SASS originally).

They also deleted 97% of their pages and applications went up 80%.

They thought about what it is they needed to say to be useful for their readers, and had the discipline to get rid of stuff they no longer needed.  That’s how you get results.

Content Strategy is not content marketing.  Don’t let too much of one destroy your site.